Nicolas Castillo

Creative & Art Director

Nicolas Castillo

Hi there! My name is Nicolas Castillo

I am a Creative & Art Director with a focus on digital craft. Born 32 years ago in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile. I come from a visual culture that taught me hundreds of social and cultural change through its technological leaps. It counts for 10 years the need for renewal was planted in my head with a fixed idea; Art Direction and Multimedia Design. Today I live in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the prospect of new technologies has expanded and continues to renew itself increasingly showcasing the new capabilities in each of the developments that occur with each client.

Donhkoland is the result of an enormous variety of influences from projects of either big or small brands; where every process turns out to be a trip to find the essence of a great experiences.

Donhkoland presents global projects oriented to the new interactive market where the usability and virality that new technologies provide are the key component.

Just say “Hola!” and let me know how can I help you with.
New friends and challenges are always invited, so don’t be that stranger.
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